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“BND Solutions Cleaning Services- Private Company Providing Security Services LTD” named “KAPNISIS SECURITY” is active in the area of security services, security systems and cleaning buildings throughout Greece and employs more than 200 employees.

“KAPNISIS SECURITY” is housed in a privately owned building 200 m² purchased for its needs, organized and equipped with the most modern equipment, and operates at a level ISO 9000/2001. It is the largest company providing security services in Ilia and one of the best in Greece.

Our Services

Security Services

KAPNISIS SECURITY provides every type of security services of the public and private sector such as Hotel complexes, Hospitals, Public Services, Airports, Factories, Guarding of Construction Sites, Industries, Businesses, Homes, Shops, Persons (VIP Protection), as well as artistic companies where we provide services for concerts and all kinds of events.

KAPNISIS SECURITY provides security services for people of high risk with the specially trained, discreet and trustworthy staff it employs.

Our many years of experience in the area of VIP Protection, guarantees the safety of persons such as, artists, politicians, athletes, executives in companies in their private space but also during their transportation.

Alarm Systems

KAPNISIS SECURITY is at your disposal to recommend to you integrated security solutions

24-Hour Monitoring Station

Our company is the only company providing security services in the county that has a Signal Reception Center Station and it is installed in a privately owned building in Patras Street in Pyrgo Ilias, from where we get informed about everything that happens in your security system so that we can directly come quickly to your site and deal with any failure that may occur.

The SRC of KAPNISIS SECURITY operates on a 24-hour basis with trained operators and provides all the customers of the company with complete safety since our operators are able through the program to monitor all the safety systems of our customers in detail and to inform the customers for everything that happens in their alarm system.

In cases of direct emergency the guard is immediately informed by the SRC, and the police in order to rush into the area, as well as they inform the customer.

The central station of signal reception knows at every given time and informs the customer not only for the incident of burglary and damage but also for the exact time of:

  • Arming and disarming of the alarm and by whom.
  • Power outages and power restorations.
  • Phone disruptions and restorations.
  • Low battery, restoration of it, etc.

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